Mr P D Agrawal

Founder & Chairman

Starting from scratches, more than 40 years ago he ventured into the construction business with a progressive approach, down-to-earth attitude and a never-ending urge for quality and innovation. With sheer determination, hard work and upholding highest levels of business ethics, he laid a strong foundation and steered the P.D. Agrawal Group to a formidable force to reckon with in the construction industry. Unlike the industry trend, he took up the challenge of undertaking electrical work as well. He has pioneered the concept of “constructive construction” as a mission to serve society and nation. He continues to guide as a constant source of inspiration for the Group as well as all those come into contact with him.


As a principle, rather than chasing success, I strived to be of value to others. From a humble beginning in the late 1970s, we have become a dependable civil engineering solutions providing company on the strong foundations of our values and ethical practices.

My passion for construction led to pioneering the concept of “constructing with creativity and innovation.” The focus has always been on timely completion and to maintain high levels of quality, we acquired the best manpower, equipments, and technology. We are proud that we have been the trendsetter in many ways in our line of business in this part of the country.

We insist that our clients must feel doing business with our Group as a positively different and pleasant experience at each step of their interaction and dealing leading to a long-lasting relationship. We take utmost care to maintain the best environmental practices on-site.
Our growth over the past four decades has only further cemented our uncompromising faith in our core values and business ethics. We are determined to continue our journey as a value-driven organization.